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What does it all mean?

Tres Queso’s (3 Cheeses): Mexican Cheese Blend made up of Asadero, Queso Quesadilla and Natural Cheddar

Chimmi: Argentinean Marinate made with Fresh Herbs, Fennel and Juniper Berries (contains garlic)

Mex Bean Mix: Black, Pinto and Red Kidney Beans

Vegan Patty: House Made using Black, Pinto and Red Kidney Beans, Sweet Corn, Capsicum

Plant Based Meatballs: 100% Not Meat Balls by Simplot Australia made with Wheat, Soy and Pea

Salsa Verde: Spanish Cold Sauce made up of Blended Herbs with Garlic and Olive Oil

Shed Fried Chicken: Chicken Thigh coated in Buttermilk and our Special Flour Mix then Fried (contains gluten, onion, garlic)

Shed Mayo: Made in House using Quality Oils and Dijon (contains Garlic)

VF: Vegan Friendly
VFA: Vegan Friendly Available
GF: Gluten Free
GFA: Gluten Free Available
DF: Dairy Free
DFA: Dairy Free Available

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