Do you have a beer lover in your life who's always talking about becoming a brewer? What if you could offer them the opportunity to make that dream come true, just for a day? You know how hard it can be to find something truly unique and we have put something together to solve that.

Big Shed understand that we don't just sell beer we sell experiences. Our products help you celebrate, commiserate or just add to the enjoyment of spending time with family and friends. With our brewday experience we take this to the next level.

Our brewday experience allows our guest to be a BSBC brewer for the day. They'll be able to get as involved they feel comfortable all under the guidance of our brew team. They can lug hoses, mash in, mash out, take samples and get to appreciate the hands on nature of what we do. 

We'll provide them with a tasty lunch (brewing is energy intensive) and even a knock-off beer when the day is done.


The best part is when the time comes and the beer they've helped create is ready for bottling we'll give them a carton. Imagine being able to sink a few beers that you've has a hand in making.

Obviously numbers are strictly limited and needs a bit of planning so send us an email at to organise a truly unique day.