Here’s a little bit of history of Big Shed Brewing, who we are and how we came to be.

We began brewing in Jason’s shed in a rented property in the Barossa back in 2002. The shed was huge, a farmers shed with easily enough room for the brewing equipment, cars, the Scalextric track (yeah that’s right), hardware, tools, everything. It also had a mechanics pit which was perfect for keeping our brews at a constant fermenting temp. It was here we began our love affair with making beer. We loved the fact we could follow our curiosity, what happens when you added berries to your brew (good things actually), what does using a different yeast do to the flavours? We made some cracking beers that folks loved, we also made some abominations never to be seen again… That’s part of the journey and not something we would remove from our experience.

It was while brewing that we would talk about making this a business. We got ourselves an ABN number and a business name, but it was a while before we did anything with it beyond getting a cheaper price on materials. We actually had three business names picked (the other two escape me) and BSBC won out as it was the only one cleared for business registration. We’d had it for a while and not really done anything other than dream. The trigger for action was when we got the renewal of the business name in the post. It was then we realised all the lost time talking and dreaming rather than doing. Sure in that time we’d made some good beers, had a great time doing it and sharing our wares, but we were no closer to our goal. It was put up or shut-up time!

We rented a small warehouse in Royal Park, moved in and used our R and D setup to further design and refine our starting line-up. It has also been our business base and we have had many discussions with local brewing legend, Stephen Nelsen who helped with the design of our commercial setup.

It all arrived and we put our first beer through the system in December 2013, FrankenBROWN. Since then we have added F-Yeah, Californicator and Kol Schisel to our core range.

In September 2014 we launched our tasting bar and kitchen. Comprising of 6 taps and food that goes with our beer and you can eat with your hands. We are open Wednesday through to Sunday, slinging brews and food to eager locals and visitors alike. 

Hopefully this gives you an insight to our beginnings and what we have been doing this last wee while. Contact us on twitter Instagram, Facebook, or just call.



Craig and Jason

“Cracking IPA, great pineapple, resin and orange hop flavour, delicious."

Brendan Clarke - from untappd



This ale masquerading as a lager is a cracking beer for those unsure that they are into ‘craft’ beers. Subtle bready, malt flavours backed up with a hop spiciness that makes you want to come back for another. Its not too boozy so you can enjoy a couple after work, at the Sunday arvo BBQ or when you’ve just come off the beach.



F-yeah is our tribute to the craft beer staple, the American Pale Ale. A base pale malt provides the foundation and ably supports the aromatic and biscuit malt, giving the beer its backbone. Hops are added at start of boil and again at the end providing the citrus aroma balancing a firm bitterness. A full strength beer to be enjoyed at any time.


Californicator is all about West Coast USA and West Coast USA is all about the hops. The hops bring a firm bitterness as well as aromas of citrus, pine and apricot. A simple but full malt bill brings increased alcohol and a honey like sweetness for balance. The result is a beer that brings huge flavour and a balance that makes it very moreish.



FrankenBROWN was our maiden beer that we used to christen our long lusted for brewery. A high percentage of specialty grain brings the soul of malt, biscuit and coffee notes. The bitterness and aroma comes from a hit of hops added throughout the boil as well as dry hopping. 5.3% ABV makes for a beer that is right on.

Golden Stout Time is made to invoke old memories and leave new ones. A hearty stout infused with toffee and honeycomb and light on hops, taking you back to childhood summers spent enjoying Golden Gaytime ice-creams. Despite its origins in the iconic summer treat, it is best enjoyed in the depths of winter. Let it take you back while at the same time feeling better about the now. Enjoy!

Jetty Jumper is our summer seasonal session IPA. Being a mid-strength (3.5% ABV) you can have a couple and still do whatever you need to do. It has a delicate malt body and subtle bitterness with prominent grapefruit aromas from the generous addition of Mosaic hops. It all adds up to a very refreshing mid-strength pale with loads of flavour that defies its reduced alcohol.


Cherry Popper is an Apple (90%) Cherry (10%) sparkling cider style that BSBC has worked direct with the Adelaide Hills growers to source.  Despite being 8.5% Cherry Popper is an easy drinking style and quality, which has proven to be very popular with those looking for a different kind of cider.


The humble lager, sometimes maligned in the indie beer scene but secretly much loved by brewers and craft drinkers alike. Clean malt, spicy hops and lovingly tank conditioned, RPL is our homage to flavourful lagers and our home, Royal Park. Thirst quenching and unmatched drinkability, yep, we love it!


Sensible, not something we are known for. However people keep asking for a ‘sensible’ cider, no crazy booze, no weird fruits, just apple. Enter Straight Up, Adelaide Hills apple juice, fermented clean, crisp and delicious. Have it on ice or straight from the can. Who knew sensible could taste so good?


You are looking at our one and only GABS 2018 winner, Boozy Fruit. After hitting GABS in 2015 with Golden Stout Time, we came back with our New England IPA take on Frosty Fruits. It's summer by the can!





Dr. Shedlove brings together the unholiest of unions, in Doctor's Orders and Big Shed Brewing Concern. This annual descent into darkness will always vary but it will remain dark, big and bold. The addition of root vegetable just brings another layer to our dark monster. Embrace the darkness with the good doctor




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